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Dalbergia sissoo

Indian rosewood

Common: Indian Rosewood
Family: Fabaceae
Origin: Native to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan
Temperature: Will take some limited frost
Light: Full sun or light shade
Soil: Any soil, but some depth is best
Water: Needs weekly to monthly soaking when mature, depending on microclimate.

Fast growing, 20-50 feet with 30 ft. spread. Semi-evergreen, with bright green compound leaves of medium texture. Tiny cream pea-shaped non-showy flowers appear in spring. Seed pods are not noticeable in heavy foliage.

ome training necessary to limit vigorous growth. Prune out frost damaged growth if necessary.

After teak, it is the most important cultivated timber tree in India, planted on roadsides, and as a shade tree for tea plantations. Sissoo makes first class cabinetry and furniture. It is used for plywood, agricultural, and musical instruments, skis, carvings, boats, floorings, etc. The leaves are used for fodder. In the U.S. (Arizona, Florida) it is said to be one of the most desirable shade trees for streets and backyards.