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Cocculus laurifolius

Desert zinnia

Common: Hindu laurel, Cocculus, Laurel-leaf cocculus, Laurel-leaf snailseed
Family: Menispermaceae
Origin: Native to Himalayas
Sunset Zones: 8, 9, 12-24
Light: Any exposure  
Prepared garden soil on the acid side. Needs good drainage. Avoid alkaline situations.
Water: Moderate to ample, especially in summer.

Useful as screen or background plant. Creates cool oasis or woodsy effect. Use in planters and beddings. Oriental look.

Small shrub to small tree, dense canopy. Trunks bend and weave and usually lean to one side. Long willowy branches can be trained as vine and fastened to trellis.

Usually multi-stemmed with arching spreading growth, but can be staked and trained as tree, when it takes on an umbrella shape.

Dark green, laurel-like leaves, shiny, leather, up to 6 inches in length. Inconspicuous green flowers produce 1/4-inch black berries in summer.

Slow to develop good form. Iron chlorosis in alkaline soils