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Hesperaloe parviflora

Red yucca

Common: Red hesperaloe, Red yucca
Family: Agavaceae
Origin: Native to Texas, northern Mexico
Sunset Zone: 10-16, 18-21
Light: Full sun
Soil: All soil types
Water: Established plants are drought resistant. Water every week or month during warm season to promote growth.

Good large container plants with loose, relaxed look.; effective combined with other desert plants. Accent plant, makes strong statement when blooming. Makes dense, yucca-like clump of very narrow, sword-like leaves.

Fountain-like, grows slowly to form a 3-4 foot wide clump. Gray-green leaves 4 ft. long, about 1 in. wide; spikes can reach height of 8-9 ft; stiff and fleshy.

Pink to rose red, 1-1/4-in.-long, nodding, bell-shaped flowers in slim, 3-4 ft.-high clusters bloom in early summer, with repeat bloom frequent in milder climates.

No maintenance except for removal of old flower spikes. Tough, but slow to develop. Sometimes eaten by rodents.

Plant any time from containers. Old clumps may be divided in late winter and reset to form new plants