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Leucaena retusa

Goldenball lead tree

Common: Goldenball lead tree, Golden lead ball
Family: Fabaceae
Origin: Texas and New Mexico
Light: Prefers full sun, partial shade
Soil: Well drained. Most soils.
Water: Soil should be wet. Tolerates moderate drought but needs water every week or two during the growing season.

Small patio tree. Plant for tropical woodsy effect. Hardy, deciduous evergreen.

Medium growing shrub to small tree. Height 10-20 feet, 15-25 ft wide. Doubly compound leaves with 4-8 pairs of light green leaflets.

Flowers primarily in spring, sporadic afterward. 1" diameter, globe shaped clusters of gold stamens in axils. Fruit is flattened bean-like pod, 6-10 inches long.

Closely related to White Popinac (Leucaena glauca).

High to medium maintenance.