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Eucalyptus papuana

Ghost gum

Common: Ghost gum
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Native to Australia. Occurs from arid to monsoon tropical areas
Light: Full sun
Water: Tolerates much or little water
Temperature: Frost tender. Hardy to 22 degrees F.

White bark is most striking feature. Open foliage makes it a good individual display tree. Good in lawns. Upright tree. Branches can spread to make crown as wide as tree is tall (40 by 40 feet). Growth is 20-60 feet high, 15-30 feet wide. Graceful, airy. Can be short, crooked, with multiple trunks.

Smooth, white powdery trunk and branches. Narrow, gray-green leaves, 3-6 inches in length. Droopy foliage. Small white summer flowers and little or no seed setting. Does not litter ground beneath it. Fruit inconspicuous.

Provides excellent firewood, used as fish poison. Soft white powder used by Australian Aborigines for ceremonial body painting.