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Gaura lindheimeri

Desert zinnia

Common:  Pink Gaura, Wand Flower, Bee blossom
Family: Onagraceae
Origin/Range: Texas and Louisiana (USA)
Light:  Full sun to light shade
Hardy in Phoenix

Water:  Drought tolerant, moderate water for optimum growth

The Gaura has pink or white flowers from June to September. Spent flowers drop off, but flower stalks bearing seeds should be cut.

Herbaceous perennial that grows in a loose, bushy clump 2-4 ft (0.6-1.2 m) tall with a spread of 2-3 ft (0.6-0.9 m). The stems are slender and wiry, and covered with tiny hairs. The leaves are spoon shaped, 1-3 in (2.5-7.6 cm) long, with toothed margins.

The flowers are produced above the foliage on erect spikes, 8-24 in (20.3-61 cm) long, that continue to elongate throughout the extended blooming period of late spring until first frost. The individual flowers are about an inch across and have four reflexed petals. They are white when they open at dawn, fading to rose-pink by the end of the day. Only a few flowers are open at any one time, and each drops off after blooming, leaving a clean, neat stalk.

This is a plant for hot climates and dry soils.