AZ Arboretums

Fruit Bearing Collection at ASU

Carya illinoensis
Pecan, located at the east side of Physical Education East, north of Payne Hall, and east of Old Main

Casimiroa edulis
White sapote, located in the "Secret Garden" between Dixie Gammage and West Hall

Citrus aurantium
Sour orange. Most of the orange trees on campus.

Citrus limon
Lemon, located on Cady Mall south of Matthews Center, and in front of Architecture.

Citrus x paradisi
Grapefruit. North of Archives.

Diospyros kaki
Japanese persimmon, located in front of Archives.

Feijoa sellowiana
Pineapple guava, located south of Nursing.

Fortunella margarita
Kumquat. Oval ones located in front of Language and Literature, and north of Memorial Union. Round ones on Cady Mall in front of the Memorial Union and in planters by Grady Gammage Auditorium.

Olea eropaea
European olive. In front of Physical Education East, McAllister Mall south of Psychology, and throughout the campus. Swan Hill variety located east of Goldwater Center.

Prunus persica
Peach. Two full-sized trees west of Archives, two dwarf trees north of Archives.

Punica granatum
Pomegranate. Located on the west side of Matthews Hall along Forest Mall. White pomegranate located north of Language and Literature.

Ziziphus jujuba
Jujube, Chinese jujube. Also known as Chinese date tree. Located in courtyard south of Family Resources, and north of Anthropology.