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Hedera helix

English ivy

Common: English ivy
Family: Araliaceae
Origin: Originally from Europe, western Asia and North Africa
Sunset Zone: All zones
Light: Any exposure, but must have shade in hot climates. Sunburn where exposed to summer sun.
Soil: All soil types
Water: Best with regular water, tolerant of aridity

Ivies are one of the most widely planted ground covers; also climbs walls, fences, trellises.

Dependable, uniform, neat. Holds soil, discouraging soil erosion and slippage on slopes. Roots grow deep and fill soil densely.

Evergreen woody vine, climbs on almost any vertical surface. Dull dark green leaves with paler veins than Algerian ivy. 2-4 in. wide at base and as long, with three to five lobes. Needs little maintenance.

Thrives with reasonably fertile soil and adequate water. Feed heavily in early spring.

Prune in late winter before new growth starts. Requires severe pruning to clear out old growth and rejuvenate. Subject to Texas root rot and summer fungus. Harbors slugs and snails.