AZ Arboretums

Dyssodia tenuiloba
(Thymophylla tenuiloba)

Dyssodia tenuilobaFamily: Asteraceae (Compositae)
Origin: Southwest native
Sunset Zone: 8-14, 18-20
Light: Full sun
Soil: Sandy soil
Water: Water less than most annuals

Can be pruned as hedge or espalier or planted 6-8 ft. apart and left unpruned to become a big informal screen. Use for erosion control, windbreak. Fast growing, with many upright stems. Often irregular in shape. Remains more compact in dry soils. 12-15 ft. high, spreading almost as wide; can be trained to tree form by cutting out all but a single stem.

Willowlike green leaves to 4 in. long. Pinkish or orange, papery seeds stand out against green foliage Fruit clusters are very showy.

Flowers are insignificant, but seedpods are often showy and long lasting. Strong odor at close proximity during pollen producing times of the year.