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Myrtus communis "Compacta"

Dwarf Myrtle

Common: Dwarf myrtle
Family: Myrtaceae
Sunset Zone: 8-24
Origin: Distributed all around Mediterranean region, on both European and African coasts, and extends east to Iran and Afghanistan.
Light: Part, full or reflected sun
Soil: Adaptable. Needs good drainage.
Water: Prefers deep spaced irrigation.

Established plants tolerate some drought. Used for low hedges or edges. Compact dense evergreen shrub. Grows slowly 2 to 3 feet high and as wide. Small, pointy, closely set leaves, dark green and shiny.

Very aromatic because of high oil content in leaves. Numerous delicate white flowers 3/4 inch across appear in spring. Smal blue-black berries may follow.

Cultivated since ancient times, native range is very uncertain.

Myrtus communis was considered a sacred plant to the Persians, and a peace symbol by the Jews. It was a symbol of beauty, virginity, love and happiness for the ancient Greeks and the Romans.

Highly resistant to Texas root rot. Chlorosis in poorly drained soil or from shallow watering.