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Dianthus deltoides

Dianthus deltoides

Common: Maiden pink
Family: Caryophyllaceae
Origin: Europe
Sunset zones: All zones
Light: Light afternoon shade in hot areas
Soil: Light, fast draining. Use potting soil with high organic content.
Water: Regular water

Over 300 species and extremely large number of hybrids, many with high garden value. Appealing border favorite.

Hardy perennial forming loose mats, branching from the bottom. Flowering forked stems, 8-12 inches high. Short leaves, gray-green, blue-green, blue-gray. Sheathed leaf.

Cheerful colors, striking patterns, strong, spicy clovelike scent. Flowers are 3/4 inches across, borne at end of stems. Petals sharp toothed, in light or dark rose to purple to white.

Blooms in summer, sometimes in fall. Related to the carnation. Used as an annual in Phoenix area. Propagate perennial kinds by cuttings made from tips of growing shoots, by division or layering, or from seed. Sow seed of annual kinds in flats or directly in garden. Susceptible to rust and wilt.