AZ Arboretums

Eucalyptus torquata

JujubeCommon: Coral gum, Goldfield gum, Coolgardie gum
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Native to Australia
Light: Full sun
Water: Soak root zone every week or two
Soil: Any soil with good drainage
Temperature: Hardy to 17-22 degrees F

Grown for bloom. Good as freestanding tree in narrow area or grove. Good in desert. Slender, upright, narrow-headed. Grows to 15-20 feet. Branches often droop from weight of flowers and seed capsules. Decorative and fast growing. Light green to golden green leaves, long and narrow or blunt and round. Rough, flaky bark. Known for fragrant leaves. Several reddish trunks. Flower buds are like little Japanese lanterns. Flowers are beautiful coral red and yellow, on and off all year. Seed capsules are 1/2 inch long, grooved. Popular residential and freeway planting tree. Quick to establish. Phoenix streets and freeways now feature this proven hardy specimen.

Called gum trees because of resinous sap, they thrive in dry soil and resist pests and diseases. A good honey plant, cultivated in many parts of Australia, California and Arizona.