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Berlandiera lyrata

Chocolate flower

Common:  Chocolate Flower, Chocolate Daisy, Chocolate Scented Daisy
Family: Asteraceae
Origin/Range: Southwestern USA, Texas, northwestern Mexico, at 4000 to 5000 feet elevation (1200-1500 m)
Light:  Full sun to light shade. Needs some afternoon shade in the low deserts.
Hardy to 10°F (-12°C).

Water:  Moderate water in summer, do not overwater. Little water in winter

A quarter-size, vibrant, yellow daisy with striking red striped undersides and chocolate-colored stamens.

The yellow and maroon daisy-like flowers come in late summer and have a faint smell of chocolate. They close in the afternoon. Deadhead to extend the blooming season.

The Chocolate Daisy attracts butterflies.

Makes a nice, informal edging plant, and is most impressive and most fragrant when planted in groups.  Although native to the Southwest, it has shown itself to be adaptable to a wide spectrum of conditions. It dies back to the ground in winter and returns with a larger crown each spring, ultimately reaching about two feet across and about 18 inches high. A night bloomer, the flowers offer up their Cocoa scent in the morning and drop their colorful petals each day as the temperature rises.