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Pinus roxburghii


Common:Chir pin
Family: Pinaceae
Sunset Zone: Best at Zone 12 and 13
Origin: Native to the Himalayan Mountains
Light: Full or reflected sun
Soil: Will thrive on most landscape soils even in the middle deserts
Water: Low to moderate water use

Chir pine is a tall tree native to the Himalayan Mountains. It is pyramidal when young and develops into a round-headed tree at maturity. Growth rate is moderate and slows with age. The tree produces cones that are 4–7 in. long and are conical- ovoid shaped with cone scales reflexing at the tip. Similar to Canary Island pine (Pinus canariensis) in appearance

A graceful, striking pine or accent plant. It is a large tree when mature and needs space to develop and reach its potential. Relatively drought tolerant and can withstand prolonged heat and dryness.

A very large mature tree. Not suited for most residential lots. Trees may be rootbound in containers. Check for root binding before planting.