AZ Arboretums

Ligustrum lucidum

Chinese privet

Common: Glossy privet, Chinese privet, Nepal privet
Family: Oleaceae
Sunset Zone: 5, 6, 8-24
Origin: Native to China and Korea
Light: Open to filtered shade, part sun
Soil: Tolerant
Water: Prefers deep spaced irrigation

Neat and adaptable to many uses. Patio, row or street tree. Wide unclipped screen. Useful as a windbreak. One of the basic trees or shrubs in the desert landscape.

Erect, round-headed evergreen tree with one or more trunks. Grows at moderate rate to 30 ft., with spread of 20 ft at maturity. Dark green, pointed glossy oval leaves to 4 inches long, curve backwards. Feel leathery but lack the spongy feel of L. japonicum.

Flowers in large feathery clusters followed by profusion of fruit. Berries are poisonous. Clip so that bottom of hedge is wider than the top. This enables the sun to reach all parts of the plant to produce denser growth. Trim blossoms as they fade, or to prevent berries. Subject to root knot nematodes and privet weevil.