AZ Arboretums

Ulmus parvifolia

JujubeCommon: Chinese elm, Chinese evergreen elm, Lacebark elm, Evergreen elm
Family: Ulmaceae
Sunset Zone: 8, 9, 12-24
Light: Full sun
Soil: Easy to grow in any fairly good soil
Water: Best with regular water

Excellent canopy tree; attractive as patio or street tree with careful pruning. Useful for sun screening.

Ornamental bark. Graceful; long arching branches with weeping ends that move with the breeze.

Extremely variable in form, but generally spreading. Fast growing to 40 to 60 feet, with 50-70 ft. spread.

Leathery leaves, 3/4 to 2-1/2 inches long, 1/3 to 1-1/3 inches wide. Oval, even toothed. Trunks of older trees have bark that sheds in patches somewhat like sycamore. Round fruit forms in fall. Insignificant. Older trees may need thinning to lessen change of storm damage. Stake young trees until trunks can carry weight of branches. Little bothered by pests except Texas root rot in desert.