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Cassia artemisioides (Senna artemisioides)

Feathery cassia

Common: Feathery cassia, Silvery cassia, Wormwood cassia, Old man senna
Family: Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
Origin: Native to Australia
Light: Partial shade to full sun
Soil: Tolerant, but needs good drainage
Water: Needs no water once established.

Attractive, light, airy structure, fast growing to 4-6 ft. Rounded evergreen shrub. Use for specimen or mass planting, informal unclipped screen or foundation plant.

2 inch long gray-green leaves divided into 8-10 needlelike leaflets. Plant covers itself with profusion of 1/2-inch fragrant yellow flowers in spring, five to eight per cluster, followed by flat pods up to 3 inches long.

Tolerates drought and only occasional irrigation, but assumes rugged woody appearance of unirrigated native plants. Beans and resulting litter may be a problem.