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Plumbago auriculata (P. capensis)

Plumbago auriculataCommon: Cape plumbago, Leadwort, Sky flower
Family: Plumbaginaceae
Sunset Zone: 8, 9, 12-24
Origin: South Africa
Light: Full sun
Soil: Good drainage very important
Water: Little water once established

Useful as foundation planting in sunny areas. Good cover for fence, bank, or hot wall; provides complimentary color to bouganvillea.

Low, mounding, scrambling shrub. Unsupported, grows to 6 ft. tall, 8-10 ft. wide. With support, can reach to 12 ft. or more.

Light to medium green leaves, 1-2 inches long. Two to three inch wide flowers in phlox-like clusters, varying from white to light blue. Hot sun can bleach flowers.

Sensitive to cold and frost with damage below 28 degrees F.

Susceptible to iron chlorosis. Prune frost damaged foliage when new growth appears in spring.