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Penstemon pseudospectabilis

Canyon PenstemonCommon:  Desert Beard Tongue, Canyon Penstemon, Pink Showy Penstemon
Family:   Scrophulariaceae
Origin/Range: USA (Arizona, New Mexico), northern Mexico
Light:  Light shade to full sun
Loves hot weather, and is recommended for use throughout the southwestern U.S. Zones 5-10.

Water:  Little water, good drainage

36” x 18” wide, (seed propagated). A beautiful, nearly ever-blooming species native to southern New Mexico. The long spikes of hot pink flowers contrast beautifully with the large gray leaves.

Remove faded flowers and give it a few deep soakings in the heat of the summer to keep the plant blooming for many months.

It is important to keep them rather dry after they finish blooming or they die easily.