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Canna sp.

cannaCommon: Canna
Family: Cannaceae
Origin: Native to tropics and subtropics, best adapted to warm summer climates
Sunset zones: All zones
Light: Full sun
Soil: Need good drainage. Rich, loose soil
Water: Heavy watering during bloom

Tuberous-rooted perennials. Stems reaching 3-6 feet high and 3-4 feet wide.

Grow in borders, poolside, in large pots or tubs on terrace and patio. Large green to bronzy red leaves resemble those of banana or Ti plant.

Flowers reminiscent of ginger lilies, wide range of shapes and colors (white, ivory, yellow, orange, pink, apricot, coral, salmon and red). Flowering season is late spring throughout summer.

Plant rootstocks in spring after frost. Set 5 inches deep, 10 inches apart. Remove faded flowers after bloom. After all flower clusters have bloomed, cut stalks to ground.