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Pinus canariensis

Canary Island PineCommon: Canary Island pine
Family: Pinaceae
Origin: Native to Canary Islands
Temperature: Has been severely damaged (even killed) at 10 F. Needles freeze at 20 F.
Light: Full sun
Soil: Most soils, well drained
Water: Aridity tolerant In youth

A slender graceful pyramid. Later a tiered structure, finally a round-crowned tree. Narrow form makes it appropriate for narrower spaces or as lawn tree. Fast growing to 60-80 ft., sometimes shorter. 

Very young plants are gawky, but soon outgrow their awkward phase. Handsome, open silhouette.

Needles blue-green in youth, dark green when older, 9-12 in. long in bundles of three. Long shaggy foliage. Cones, 4-9 in., oval, glossy brown.