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Encelia farinosa

Brittle bushCommon: Brittle bush
Family: Asteraceae
Range/Origin: Throughout the Sonoran and Mohave deserts
Light: Full sun, reflected heat
Water: Low to none; water during prolonged dry periods
Soil: Adaptable; good drainage; naturally on south facing slopes of hillsides
Temperature: Tip damage in the twenties; recovers quickly

Rounded, almost herbaceous, shrub. Evergreen or perennial. Three feet in height with equal spread; rapid growth.

Leaves are triangular, simple, alternate; silvery, gray or whitish; top is uniform, underside more pubescent. Has terminal clusters of composite, daisy-like yellow flowers; held on stalks above foliage; bloom in spring and then sporadically in response to rain.

Excellent for revegetation, medians, xeriscape. Abundant bloom in season and silvery foliage year round. Remove unsightly seed heads after blooms fade to expose attractive foliage; cut back in fall to promote herbaceous growth.