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Mammillaria brandegeei

pincushion cactusCommon: Pincushion cactus
Family: Cactaceae
Origin: Native to Baja, California, Mexico
Light: Full sun
Soil: Sandy, sandy loam
Water: Drought tolerant

Globse to oblong, to 3-1/2 inches thick. Tubercles in 13 and 21 spirals, 4 angled, to 3/8 inches long, axils wooly. Radial spines 9-16, needle-shaped, whitish, dark tipped to 3/8 inches long. Central spines 2-4, stouter, dark, to 3/4 inches long. Flowers are greenish yellow to 5/16 inches long.

What is common to all Mammillarias is that they have no ribs but bear protuberances on the stems with spines on their tips. Flowers, produced in spring and summer, usually form garlands around the tops of the stems.