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Acacia saligna

Blue wattleCommon: Blue leaf wattle, Golden wreath wattle, Weeping wattle
Family: Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
Origin: Australia
Sunset Zone: 8, 9, 12-24
Light: Full sun
Soil: Well drained
Water: Moderate drought tolerant

Residential tree, background screen, large shrub, windbreak. Large pendulous shrub, equal or greater spread. Can be a multi-trunked tree.

Lives hard, dies young, approximately two decades. Grows fast, seed to 15 ft. in approximately 2 years.

Light grey/brown fissured bark. Blue-green flattened philos six to twelve inches long, fine to medium.

Yellow clusters of 4 to 5 small puff balls in March and April, followed by 7" long brown pods.

Grows 15-25 ft. high, 10-30 ft. spread. Elevate canopy to form tree.

Remove low hanging branches. Susceptible to intervienal chlorosis, root rot. High maintenance tree. Considered "undesirable" in many parts of Australia, as it is a weed tree and taking over bushland and crowding out other native vegetation.