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Gaillardia sp.

Blanket flowerCommon: Blanket flower
Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)
Origin: Native to central and western United States
Sunset zones: All zones
Light: Full sun
Soil: Need good drainage
Water: Light watering

A genus of drought-tolerant annual and perennial plants from the sunflower family.

Fine for cutting and borders, flower beds. Perennials and annuals.

Low-growing. Easy to grow, 1-1/2 to 2 feet high. Long, whiplike stems.

Leaves soft, hairy, lobed. Daisy-like flowers in warm colors - yellow, bronze, scarlet. Flower heads 3-4 inches across. Thrives in heat.

It was named after M. Gaillard de Charentonneau, an 18th-century French magistrate who was a patron of botany.

The common name refers to the inflorescence's resemblance to brightly patterned blankets made by native Americans.