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Aloysia gratissima

palo amarilloCommon: Bee brush, Whitebrush, Palo Amarillo, Cedron
Family: Verbenaceae
Origin: Native to Chihuahuan Desert, Southwestern US (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas), South America
Temperature: Hardy to 15 degrees
Zones: USDA 8-11
Light: Full sun to part shade.
Soil: Tolerates poorly drained soils
Water: Low water use. Drought tolerant.

Moderate growing to 6 feet with 6 ft. spread. Evergreen bush with silvery green coarse textured leaves. Fragrant foliage. Orange-yellow flowers appear in spring to fall with strong vanilla scent. 1 to 3 inch spikes.Flowers attractive to butterflies and bees.

Whitebrush can be aggressive, forming thickets, especially on disturbed ground; this provides an important protective cover for wildlife but makes it unpopular with ranchers. It is toxic to horses, mules and burros.