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Geijera parviflora

Austrailian WillowCommon: Australian willow
Family: Rutaceae
Origin: Australia
Sunset Zone: 8, 9, 12-24
Light: Full sun
Soil: Well drained soil
Water: Summer water speeds growth.

Plant singly as patio or street tree, or in colonies for attractive grove effect; casts light shade.

Graceful, fine textured; has much of willow's grace and eucalyptus's toughness. To 25-30 ft. high, 20 ft. wide; main branches sweep up and out, little branches hang down. Moderate growth rate; deep, non-invasive roots. 3-6 in. long, narrow, medium green, drooping leaves give a kind of weeping willow effect.

With age, produce loose clusters of unimportant small, creamy white flowers in early spring, early fall. Small rounded fruits follow. Needs pruning only to correct form; much less pruning than willow. Quite pest free. Low maintenance plant.