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Casuarina cunninghamiana

Austrailian PineCommon: Beefwood, Australian pine, River she-oak
Family: Casuarinaceae
Origin: Native mostly to Australia
Light: Full sun
Water: No water once established
Soil: Tolerates most soils but needs soil depth
Temperature: These species grow in tropical and subtropical areas. Intermediate in frost tolerance.

Characterized by leaf structure, which at first glance resembles that of conifers but is actually composed of tiny branchlets with tiny leaves. Soft, wispy, pine-like appearance. Bright green foliage.

Small, round, cone-like fruits and branchlets of scale-like leaves that look like pine needles. Flowers are tiny, brown and wind pollinated. Very fast growing to 70 feet. Spread is 30-35 feet. Grows as shelter shade tree on waterbanks.

Controls soil by suckering. Stabilizes road embankments. Important reforestation tree. Well suited for fuel wood because of their fast growth rates. Bark has been used in tanning and medicine, and the fruits have been used for novelties and decorations.