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Asparagus densiflorus "Sprengeri"

Asparagus FernCommon: Sprenger asparagus "Sprengeri"
Family: Liliaceae
Origin: South Africa
Sunset Zone: 12-24
Temperature: Down to 20-30 degrees F
Light: Full sun, partial shade; becomes stringy in deep shade
Soil: Sandy and poor soil types; best in enriched soil with good drainage
Water: Drought tolerant, regular water

Makes nice background to annuals. Ground cover, wall plant, hanging basket, and planter. Tropical affect. Excellent accent plant.

Sprawling and prostrate. Loose, airy in texture. Fleshy roots act as water-storage organs. 5' tuberous branches of armed cladodes, fine overall texture. Small white flower in spring, followed by red berries.

Prune to the ground every 2 to 3 years. Propagation by seed and division.