AZ Arboretums

Platanus wrightii

Arizona SycamreCommon: Arizona sycamore
Family: Platanaceae
Origin: Native to the canyons and streams in mountains of southern and eastern Arizona
Light: Full sun
Temperature: Hardy
Water: Needs regular water in dry season

Fast growing to 80 feet, and as wide. Medium to large sized patio tree, also excellent city street tree. Alternate, simple leaves, more deeply lobed than the P. racemosa. Flowers appear in spring in male and female clusteres of 2-5 balls each. Brownish ball fruit appears in clusters of 2-4 per stalk, gradually breaking up on the tree from fall to winter. Bark is smooth, mottled in white, green and brown. A common riparian tree. Aromatic smell. Subject to blight which causes early continual leaf fall. Chlorosis may be a problem in the desert.