AZ Arboretums

Vauquelinia californica

arizona rosewoodCommon: Arizona rosewood
Family: Rosaceae
Origin: Native to southern Arizona and northern Mexico at 2,500 - 5,000 ft. level
Sunset Zone: 10-13
Light: Partial, full or reflected sun
Soil: Takes a wide variety of soils
Water: No water once established

Tall unclipped hedge or screen, divider; wind, dust or noise screen. Trains well to patio-sized tree.

Effective plant for erosion control. Upright, sometimes contorted, open growing shrub or small tree. Vigorous, dense, grows to 20 ft. high and 10 feet wide. Dark gray to reddish brown bark, lance shaped leaves with toothed edges to 3 in. long; leathery bright green with slightly woody undersides. Covers plant to the ground.

White, five-petal flowers, 1/4-in. wide, in flattened loose clusters at branch tips. Blooms in spring. Woody seed capsules about 1/4 in. long, develop in summer. Sometimes slow to get started. Problem with red spider mites or aphids. Once established, plants can be almost neglected.