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Vauquelinia californica

Angelita DaisyCommon: Angelita Daisy
Family: Asteraceae
Origin/Range: North America, Great Lakes area
Light: Sun to light shade
Temp: Hardy in Phoenix
Water: Drought resistant

Shrub, 1 foot tall (30 cm), 18 inches wide (45 cm). The species name "acaulis" comes from the Greek for "without stem".

Flowers are usually yellow, blooms from spring to fall. Color may be pale yellow, bright Yellow or white. Bloom Time: Late spring through early Fall.

The plant has attractive thread-leaf foliage, which is covered by large, bright yellow, long-stemmed daisies from late spring through fall. Remarkably adapted to arid regions. Alpine and Rock Garden Perennial; suitable for xeriscaping. Use as a border in front of larger shrubs. Maintenance: little required, however since the plant flowers profusely it sometimes looks scruffy and benefits from having the old stalks removed