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Acacia schotti

Acacia schottiCommon name: Schott acacia
Family: Fabaceae
Origin: Western Texas and in adjacent Chihuahua, Mexico.
Temperature: Cold tolerant to around 10 degrees F.
Light: Needs full sun.
Soil: Best with good drainage
Water: Drought tolerant

The Schott acacia is an interesting accent plant that can play a less visible role as part of a desert landscape. Keep it a safe distance from pedestrian areas, but not so far that its beauty is hidden. Shrub has lacy appearance and normally reaches a height of four feet with five foot spread. It has 1/4-inch long, 1/8 inch wide leaflets (usually six to ten) widely spaced along the midrib. Leaves are 1-1/2 inch in lenth. Among the deciduous, compound leaves are 3/4 inch long white spines. One-half inch yellow ball-shaped flowers appear between May and September. Brown or black glands dot 2 to 3 inch pods, which are 1/4 inch wide and constricted between the seeds.

The native habitat for the Acacia shottii is between 2,300 to 4,000 feet in elevation on desert flats and rocky limestone slopes.