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Acacia smallii (Acacia minuta)

desert sweet acaciaCommon name: Desert sweet acacia, Sweet acacia, Dwarf sweet acacia
Family: Fabaceae
Origin: Native to tropic regions of the world, including Australia, Mexico and the southwestern United States
Light: Full sun
Soil: Hardy in most soils
Water: Moderate watering, drought resistant

The Desert sweet acacia can be used as a bank cover, small patio tree or large shrub. It is a fragrant desert tree, tropical in appearance, and is semi-deciduous. Fast growing to 15-30 feet, it should be planted upwind to take advantage of its pleasant fragrance. It has finely divided dark green leaves on thorny branches, and its yellow puff balls bloom in the spring. The Desert sweet acacia's thorny branches need to be pruned near walkways, and it has nearly year round droppage. Plant away from pools and eating areas.