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Acacia farnesiana (L.) Willd. var farnesiana
Acacia smallii/A. minuta

Sweet AcaciaCommon name: Sweet acacia, Mimosa bush
Family: Fabaceae
Origin: Probably native to tropical America, but naturalized all over the world
Light: Full sun, reflected heat
Soil: Well drained garden soil
Water: Moderate watering, drought resistant

The Sweet acacia can be used as bank cover, small patio tree or large shrub. Can also be used along streets and highways. Give enough distance from curb in high pedestrian circulation areas due to thorns.

A fragrant semi-deciduous desert tree, it is hardy and fast-growing to 15-30 feet and can be trained as a single or multiple-trunked tree. It has finely divided dark green leaves on thorny branches and yellow fragrant 1/4" puff balls that bloom in spring, has a round form when young and a V form as it gets older.

Native Americans dried and powdered acacia leaves to use on diaper rash and saddle sores. Minimal pruning is needed to keep this shrub looking attractive. Plant during cool weather, spacing plants 8 to 9 feet apart for a solid mass at maturity.