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Ruellia brittoniana

Purple ruellia

Common:  Purple ruellia, Common ruellia, Mexican barrio ruellia, Desert petunia
Family:   Acanthaceae
Origin/Range: Mexico, SW US, naturalized in many areas
Light:  Best in full sun
, handles shade
Hardy:  Below 32°F tip dieback seen; dies to ground in mid 20s, recovers rapidly
Water:  Regular, drought tolerant
Soil: Adaptable

Evergreen perennial shrub.

To 3ft with equal spread; low branches will droop over and root. Leaves are linear, lancolate, serrate, prominent purple venation.

Flowers appear in leaf axils, 2in long funnel-shaped purple or blue flowers from mid-spring until frost. Purple stems.

Needs to be constrained by container or spreads like a weed, trim to keep in bounds.